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Music & Lights srl and Kariotis Audio & Lighting

Press release - Kariotis Audio & Lighting  

Dear partners, our company took the exclusive mood for Greece of the products of Music & lights srl

Its products have quality, reliability, value for money and innovation.
Music & lights srl includes the following Brands:
The company has developed high standards of organization and disposal, developed a quality control department, and has a unique order-based order tracking program. The immediate delivery of the products within 4-5 days from Italy is also supported, while the company provides up to 3 years guarantee of good operation in its offered systems.
The new facilities of MUSIC & LIGHTS are standard in the audiovisual sector, with a unique demo room of 1000 square meters


Our mission is to develop technical knowledge and innovation in order to guarantee creative solutions in the field of AVL high-tech solutions through a dynamic and young organization able to take on market evolution on a global level..


We take pride in being the world reference company for the distinctive solutions we offer. Thanks to the creative technologies proposed, we add value. A particular attention is given to  quality, proficiency, and dedication to our customers.

Quality and commercial coherence are the values we daily follow, taking advantage of an opened, loyal, and constructive communication.
We create and share long period value with our stakeholders through our commitment into improvement, trasparency, sustainability, and personal  growth.
We aim to inspire and excite our customers creating experiences and high-quality products, working quickly and efficiently in order to satisfy our customers' needs and desires.

There are endless dreams...and ideas which change one's own life

Since 1990, thanks to the foresight of Mr Francesco Sorabella, Music & Lights took on a quarter of century becoming one of the world leading player in the field of professional audio / video / lighting technologies.
Always focused on the development of professional a.v.l. systems and technologies, it stands out for the great production flexibility and constant investments which allow us to offer increasingly creative and competitive solutions .
A global player that, thanks to the internationalization process, continues to seize successes worldwide (present in over 40 countries). The evolution of the network and the achievements of the brands contribute to make  more dynamic the process of innovation and development of the company and its products. The combined effects of the synergies of the network contribute to the growth of our customers, creating value for all stakeholders.

Our Brands
Our proprietary brands DAD, ProLights, ArchWork, ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE, each one related to specific market profiles and professional, offer the best options and performances available nowadays.
Behind and through this brands Music & Lights is committed in proposing creative and competitive solutions thorough manufacturing and distributing audio, lighting and video technologies for the show business industry.
The constant and growing success our brands have reached is the outcome of a accurate technological research process supported by true innovation.
Constant contact with our distributors and specialists of show business allow in fact to inspire development of product lines addressing it towards high levels of construction quality and advanced technology.
A way of making set on high performances,  beautiful aesthetic and care of details, essential values of “Made in Italy”.

Commercial Network

A global player that, thanks to the internationalization process, continues to seize oppurtunities worldwide, present locally in over 40 countries with Retailers, Dealers and Business Partners. The evolution of the network and the achievements of the brands contribute to  more dynamic the process of innovation and development of the company and its products. The combined effects of the synergies of the network contribute to the growth of our customers, creating value for all stakeholders.

Research & Development

The genesis of each product starts with an idea developed through a rigorous and operative process.
The several steps are all controlled by the Research and Development department, real “engine” of creativity in the service of innovation.
Market tendencies  analysis is essential in order to create synergy between what professionals request and what we can provide them thanks to the experience and technological innovation we have gathered.
Our technical and creative research dpt. is constantly focused on anticipating the market trends,  with the only aim to offer cutting-edge technology to our customers. A special care is devoted to features and design of our products.
The combined mix of experience, latest tech tools and traditional artistic techniques  lends that peculiar Italian style, so highly appreciated throughout the world, to our products.

Production & Logistics

In Music & Lights the planning, innovation, attention to detail and particular are culturally ingrained concepts that involve not only the single product, but all the production processes.
Manufacturing, testing and quality control are essential elements through which to raise the quality and technology standards of every single product that is clearly recognizable the added value of Made in Italy.
This vision will contribute to the development of new manufacturing site, an exciting new goal, that the organization even more modern, dynamic and functional, through the most advanced technologies.

Web - Social Media

Music & Lights expands its communication on Internet through its website and the most popular social networks.
In addition to the corporate website, which is a concrete information and services tool available to all customers and, in general, to the entire commercial network, dedicated website for each brand has been added.
The opportunities offered by the network allow to disclose online technical content, preview, services, video, news and events. In the respect of the corporate vision all the communication activities developed on the web are coordinated and developed internally. The guidelines which have directed and continue to determine the development of communication through Internet, pay attention to the more effective synergy with show business professionals.

Quality & Environment

Music & Lights is a company certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. Consequently production, commercial and logistic processes are carried on in conformity with ISO guidelines.
Quality certification represents an important recognition for our company, being the most important evidence of our commitment to rules of fairness and transparency.
The company aims to harmonize its activities with respect of the environment. Internally, through simple practices, a policy of responsibility is implemented, targeting to combine efficiency and environmental protection.
Commitment and care of Music & Lights in contributing to environmental protection are present in how equipment is designed and manufactured, including criteria for re-use, as required by European directives on the Restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Music & Lights also adheres to an association responsible for WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), managing procedures for reclaim, transport, recycling and treatment of equipment at the end of their life cycle.